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YYH Fan Fiction Review

Will hopefully update this week ;D School slays all things fun.

Send me a YYH fanfic to review!

Reply to this post with a story you would like me to review. I’ll read anything. Hope I don’t regret saying that! XD

  • I judge these spots by word count, so please pay attention to that and leave the word count on the story when you answer!

I have until Monday to get through some of these because school starts for me. 7_7 I find that if I’m undisturbed, I can read about 10k an hour or so. While I read, I also write down any mistakes I see to send to the author. 

  • It’s plenty okay to send me a story you wrote yourself, but note that I will only take one story per author and per replier and it cannot be one that I have already done.
  • I also need the story to be published on a site that I can link people to.

Please keep all this in mind! X3

  1. 1 story 30,000 words or more.
  2. 2 stories between 10,000 to 20,000 words.
  3. 5 stories under 5,000 words.

First come, first serve. Thanks for your participation!

(Thanks to scribbles5thm for the suggestion/idea!)

Anonymous said: Do you have any advice on how to write a story that would get a 0/100?

Do you mean 100/100? I would say I’m a fair grader, honestly. If I get ones with a lower score, I would want to show them how to improve. I even send authors documents with the typos pointed out to fix them. I’m just here for help. On the off chance you weren’t being sarcastic, I believe that it’s not possible to get that score. Thanks for the ask!

After trying to apply the same critique for a few shorter stories, I realized it was inappropriate (and would generally produce low ratings no matter how good of a short it may have been). So, I plan to make a new form for shorts and one for stories in progress!

Any suggestions from anyone about how they should differ? How did you like the first review I wrote? Thanks so much for the follows and feedback!